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Welcome to the Coastal Free School Project website.  As the project moves into a new phase,  this site will facilitate community engagement to move forward with medium to long term plans for high quality secondary education to serve Mablethorpe and the surrounding area.

A key component of this website is the Discussion Forum.  Please register to be able to share your views.

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The Coastal Free School Project began in August 2015 when a proposal to close the existing secondary school in Mablethorpe was announced. Between then and May 2017 a small team worked tirelessly to secure backing and put together an application to be made to the Department for Education (DfE) to open a new school.

Regrettably, pupil numbers forecast for 2018 and 2019 proved to be short of those regarded by the DfE as necessary to guarantee a financially and educationally viable offer.  As a result, the multi-academy trust that we had developed a strong relationship with to provide the necessary support via a Service Level Agreement sadly announced its withdraw from the project.

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What Does The Future Hold?

Who can really say? The political and educational landscape is constantly changing, which may affect how free schools,  investment in coastal communities and local priorities are viewed in years to come.

The time may not have been right in May 2017  but another two or three years, or even just weeks / months down the line, and things can change.  Our community must prepare for possible changes by clearly articulating and defining their needs in relation to education and being in a position to respond with a united and robust voice if and  when such changes occur.

The role of the Members of Coastal Free School is now changing from one of direct action and application writing to one of ‘facilitation’, whereby their work and experience to date can be drawn upon by others to take a proactive part in seeking ways forward.  Very importantly, broad, inclusive and, yes, sometimes difficult conversations need to take place to develop a long-term education plan for the whole of this part of Lincolnshire.  The piecemeal and crisis management approaches of the past must be consigned to history.

There are no artificial deadlines or ambiguous criteria to meet. If the community wants things to change, now is the time to step up ……..

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One Year On: Views of Parents, Residents, Businesses, Organisations

It is now almost a year since the MDTC site closed in Mablethorpe.   At the time there were many concerns as to the effect this would have on students, families and the town generally.  We would like to hear what current perceptions are, now that time has passed. The Discussion Foum has a page where …

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